Even More Glasses I’ve Made…

This business is taking off and I couldn’t be more excited! I know I will have future slow times, but at this point, I’m going to the moments of happiness and success! These are the most current glasses I’ve created.

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New Custom Made Glasses!

Looks like I found a great new talent! Today I’ll be shipping a set of glasses to Florida and tomorrow I’ll be shipping to Boston! That means I’ve covered 4 states already, shipping to Virginia and NY as well!
All glasses are handmade and custom to you and your design theme. Shipped within one week, you can be drinking from your glasses before you know it. Credit cards and PayPal accepted as well as cash if you are local.






Gifts by Amanda

When Dennis and I started dating, I got a DBA for my purse business that encompasses my crafty side as well. I’ve made scarves and blankets for over 10 years and cornbags for over 6! Never would I realize that 4 years later I would be adding something to my inventory that would take off so well.

A friend of mine was always painting wine glasses and did a beautiful job. I bought quite a few sets from her…and she made quite a pretty penny off me as well. One set was for my parents for their 45th anniversary. When we gave their glasses to them my 94 year old Gramma was there with us…at the time she was 92. She said, “I want a pretty glass too.”

I responded with a chuckle because I knew gramma would get good use out of a glass like that and, “Ok Gram. I’ll have her paint one for you too.”

Shocked, Gramma said, “NO! I want YOU to paint my glass!”

Trying to argue with your 92 year old grandmother is not easy especially when she’s insisting that she knows you can do it if you just try. After a few rebuttals and me trying to convince her that I don’t know how, I gave in.

I painted this for my grandmother


I had no idea that I had any talent, or that I would actually enjoy doing it. But once I started, I fell in love! It’s incredibly relaxing and really helps with my shaking!

When people started seeing my designs they started coming to me with ideas and I started taking orders. I do multiple sizes including: shot glasses, stemmed [...]

Adult World

No…this isn’t about the sex shop on Erie…it’s about the movie. The movie called Adult World, set in Syracuse.
With this weekend being a big Orange weekend for us, Virginia game today and us attending practice on Monday, Dennis thought it would be a good time to throw a Syracuse based film in.
Opening credits start with a view of Syracuse campus and I KNOW I’m going to love the movie. An insane amount of love and happiness came over me as Hendrick’s Chapel (the church Dennis and I were married in) was flashed on the screen….with incredible amounts of snow that the frigid tundra of Syracuse gets.
I KNEW I would love this movie. And wow, was I WRONG!
John Cusack plays a washed up poet who is now a professor at Syracuse University. Emma Roberts is a struggling SU grad who runs away from her parents home in Dewittshire to live with in a less than desirable area that they refer to as “downtown syracuse” multiple times. It may be downtown technically, I’m not sure, but to me when I hear “downtown Syracuse” I think Armory, Franklin, Hanover, Clinton Street…lots of places, but not the North Side. That’s just my personal view but either way, she moved in with Peruvia, (my favorite part of the movie) a cross dressing man that randomly comes into the Adult World sex shop that is located on the North Side to cut the managers hair. From this point on, Peruvia was the only thing I liked about the rest of the movie!
The plot lacked in substance, and I can see where they were trying to go with it, but it fell to the floor in [...]


I don’t get it! I’ve actually been sleeping really well. I’ve been doing little mini workouts after seeing my Cancun pictures and realizing I’m not in my best shape and I need to tone back up. I’ve been busting my butt painting wine glasses (granted it’s not an extremely grueling energy drainer but still) and working on organizing my office and the back bedroom a little at a time, but I am EXHAUSTED at epic levels! I don’t get it! I’ve been eating more consistently, trying to add on a little of the “right kind of weight” cut down on caffeine….and yet I still….

Wait a second….no caffeine???! Someone get me a Pepsi!!!!

Chugging this down and then getting in my office and organizing for a few hours!