Third Annual Back to School Vendor Show

Third Annual “Back To School” Vendor Show…

Because adults need spoiling too!

August 19th, 2014


Free entry…Open to the public

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Honeymoon Rerun – November 2013

Done – Honeymoon Rerun!

2 years ago, I married the most amazing man I had ever met. Once we started wedding planning, very quickly we began the honeymoon planning. We talked about a few places. Fiji, Aruba, but nothing that we got very serious about. We talked about Cancun, of course, but that’s like our second home so we really wanted to make it something extra special! Anyone who knows me, knows that to me, marriage is a very big deal. A one time thing. And therefore, the honeymoon is just as big of a deal and will be a one time thing.
Long story short, after he scoured the globe, literally looking into random places he found on a REAL globe, Dennis asked me how I felt about a visit to The Cook Islands. I had no idea where it was, but I did know that Survivor did a series there and it had to be amazing!!

We began looking into it more seriously and next thing we knew our honeymoon was BOOKED. We stopped for 4 nights in Las Vegas, and went on to a The Cook Islands. More specifically, to Aitutaki. It wasn’t easy to get to, even if we cut out the Vegas stop it would have been a full day of flying and switching planes…Syracuse to Philly, Philly to LA, LA to Raratonga – where you are officially in the Cook Islands and then Rarotonga to Aitutaki…a 45 minute flight in a tiny puddle jumper that holds about 30 people. Even as an avid traveller, these kinds of planes terrify me!

Landing at the airport we were greeted not only by the owner of the resort, his daughter and grandchild, but friends [...]

It’s Been A While!!

Shocking….I took a hiatus. I do that often. The sad part is that I still write, sometimes very insightful things. Mostly not. But either way I never post them….I was going through my notes the other day and found things I wrote from almost a YEAR ago….so let’s get caught up!

Goodbye, Frankfurt!

We started out here. We were here for all of an hour. And I was swooped off to Amsterdam where we stayed for 3 days. Just when were all settled and had spent just enough time in Amsterdam I’m swooped off again….to Frankfurt. We’ve been here two days and I LOVE it. It’s such a cute city! We went to OldTown yesterday and say in the square people watching and having apelwein. The Dahli Lama is here for a 4 day visit and there was some kind of protest going on, but I’ll get into that more later.
This morning when we woke up it was time to open another envelope…..let’s see where the next step is was all I could think of!
So tomorrow, we leave Frankfurt, take a plane, 2 trains and then a ferry to destination #3.
Let me tell ya, it’s not a common vacation spot and I definitely don’t know anyone other than my husband that’s ever been there, but it’s definitely a place that I’ve wanted to go for a LONG time!!!!

Step #3

Yesterday, after we slept in trying to adjust into the 6 hour difference, Dennis gave me the next mission!

I had taken the “Next Destination” envelope the day before, so I already knew the location, but the mission envelope gives me directions and such and the official mission:

Get us to CentralStation in Amsterdam. Our train will be leaving at 10:34 and I have to get us to the platform required. The train will take us to our next destination in approximately 4 hours. When we get off the train, I have to get to a specific street corner, I’m not sure if there’s part of the mission or if it’s just part of the directions. From there I will navigate us to our hotel and then into dinner!

We are on the train now, playing Yahtzee and listening to music. I don’t know much about the city, but I’m sure we’ll have an amazing time anyway!!